Guest Blog: 4 Design Elements You Need To Factor In While Decorating Your Baby’s Room

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Being pregnant with your first child brings about a myriad of emotions and can be overwhelming at times. You are constantly divided between making sure you’ve done the necessary preparation for the day the baby finally arrives. A big part of this preparation is designing your baby’s room to be able to accommodate all of the baby’s and your needs while ensuring your little one is safe and comfortable at all times! So, here are some great tips to help you decorate your baby’s room in a fun but functional way:

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  1. Furniture

When thinking of design ideas for your baby’s room, make sure you opt for furniture items that are functional and kid-friendly while being aesthetic. Remind yourself that babies grow quickly and with them so do their needs. So, in order to have a room that accommodates their changing needs, stick to a transitional theme and pick the furniture accordingly. Adding a functional set of shelves is a great way of creating space, while allowing you to modify its usage as time passes. You can use both open and concealed shelves in order to maximize on the storage potential of the room. After all, where are all those toys going to go!

  1. Safety-first

Once you have picked out the basic furniture like the baby crib, changing station, shelves, etc, get started on baby-proofing the furniture and the room to ensure your baby is safe at all times. You can secure the shelves by bolting them to the wall, and same goes for the crib and changing station to ensure you’re not worried about furniture toppling over when your baby is learning how to crawl or when he/she seeks support while learning to walk.

  1. Playroom Accessories

After picking out the basic room furniture, you will have a better idea of the space available for other décor essentials like play gyms, playpens as well as other decor items like seating arrangements, play mats and carpets. These days there are a variety of child-friendly and natural products to choose from such as cowhide rugs and cushions and toys & mats made from recyclable plastics that ensure your baby only comes in contact with products that are organic, eco-friendly and free of toxins and chemicals.

  1. Something for Grown-ups

Don’t forget that apart from your baby, you will also be spending quite a lot of time in the nursery, especially in the early days. So, be sure to make provision for furniture and accessories that can accommodate you whenever the baby requires additional supervision. It could be a cozy sofa that could double as a bed when necessary or a beautiful rocking chair that you can use when nursing your baby.

And there you have it, all the essentials for a perfect nursery. All you need to do is plan the room and the layout in advance, so you can design and decorate the room to meet your current needs while having the option of quick redecoration to accommodate the baby’s future needs!

Author Bio:

Mom, innovator, entrepreneur, and designer are some of the titles Kura Perkins goes by. Polarity is a word she loves as she joyfully juggles four businesses across multiple countries and three kids! Kura founded her first brand ‘Art Hide’ while on tour working as a PR specialist. She now handles marketing and communications for her various businesses and regularly writes and contributes to various platforms educating people about the beauty and benefits of cowhides, home wares, entrepreneurialism and all things related! When she’s not working or writing, she can be found relaxing at the beach with her husband and her three beautiful daughters.

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Top Tips For Making The Most Of Your Office Space

This article is reposted with permission from Rombourne

There’s no doubt about it; with renting an office, hiring your employees, and ensuring you have all the resources you need to make your business a success, starting your own company can be very costly. With all this in mind, it’s not surprising that many companies want to maximise their office space.

As you grow and employ more people, you will have periods when the office is a tighter squeeze! So, to make the most out of your available space, you will need to be inventive with your furniture and storage options. Just consider it as the perfect opportunity to really be creative!

Not only that, but less space equals less room for clutter, which will help your employees’ organisation and no doubt improve their overall efficiency.

Ready to get inspired? Here are our top tips for making the most of your office space…

Rethink your meeting rooms

If you need to save space in a smaller office, then it might be the time to move away from ‘traditional’ meeting areas. In fact, although meetings are still very much a standard part of office life, recent years has seen a shift in how businesses operate, with many opting to boost their creativity by turning this idea on its head.

Case in point? The ‘huddle’; a popular style of meeting that encourages faster and often more effective discussions. As these meetings tend to be just 15 or 20 minutes long (with their priority being to share company updates and give a quick overview of what each team member is working on), all attendees should stand throughout, which eliminates the need for a meeting room in this instance.

Need something more private? If your office is in a shared building, you should also take advantage of booking communal meeting rooms – after all, they’ll already be equipped with everything you need to run your meeting!

Alternately, you can show the personal touch by visiting your clients at their premises (when needed), or you could even ‘Skype’ or telephone conference if they’re based in a different town or city.

Remember, less is more!

As we’ve already explained, the business world is gradually becoming less and less corporate, with the focus being placed more on collaboration and creativity. Take advantage of this (while saving space in your office to boot) by ditching rows of separate desks and positioning them opposite each other. This not only make it easier and more natural for teams to converse with each other, but this arrangement will enable you to slot more desks together in less space.

Another way to make the most of limited office space is to have a ‘hot desk’ policy (where employees work from a different desk each day), and allow remote working. Yes, it might be more unconventional to have a lot of your staff working away from the office, but with many businesses now moving their documents online, it makes sense.

Hot desking and remote working not only make for a better working environment as everything needs to be clean and clear, but as it also allows for increased flexibility, we’re sure your staff will thank you for it!

Google, Apple, and Microsoft are just some of the companies that already champion remote working, and even the really traditional companies (like Barclays) have taken this idea on board.

Get techy…

The days of big onsite server rooms, wire tangles and PBX cabinets are almost a thing of the past.

Technology is moving into the cloud often via a ‘Software as a Service’ licencing model (SaaS). This means all the infrastructure, and processing power required to run everyday applications is held remotely “in the cloud”, and you just need an Internet connection to access it via your computer.

One of the key benefits of using cloud based technology (such as Microsoft 365 or using softphones instead of desk phones) is that you can get a full range of applications, such as Microsoft office, plus access to all your data from anywhere, home, office, or on the move.

You simply need an Internet connection, and a laptop to ensure your staff are in constant contact with the rest of their team.

John Volanthen from Hub Network Services (HNS) has given some practical advice about transitioning to the Cloud. He said: “Setting up an office that relies on cloud-based applications removes much of the pain and cost of running and supporting traditional servers. It does mean, however, that you are very reliant on Internet access.”

“Your Internet connection must offer speed, quality and resilience. HNS provides Internet access at all Rombourne sites, where a minimum of 2 lines are used for instant failover and recovery. Speeds of up to 1Gb/s are available for demanding users. Our network availability across all Rombourne sites over the last 5 years is more than 99.99%.”

Don’t hold onto clutter

When you work in a busy office, it’s easy for clutter to pile up; especially if you print a lot of documents for meetings and other important discussions. We’d suggest jumping on the trend of implementing a paperless office, and only keeping paper copies of the things that are really necessary; think contracts, invoices, and anything else you’ll need to have back-ups of.

When it comes to training manuals, event brochures, and any staff memorabilia, you need to use it or lose it, we’re afraid! Although it may be tempting to hold onto the likes of old training manuals in case you ever need them, it’s likely they’ll just go unused.

These resources should be updated (as soon as possible) and scanned – this way, they can be saved in a cloud storage system to be accessed by any member of staff at any time they need. There are plenty of cloud storage options to suit all needs and budgets, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive, as well as a number of dedicated companies that will happily (and securely) shred your old business documents in bulk.

Make the most of your storage

Now that you’ve culled the clutter, it’s time to re-think how you store what’s left. This is where you’ll have to be a little creative, and utilise more conventional spaces you have available. For example, take the skyscraper approach and pile your cabinets high, rather than wide. This way, you can utilise higher shelves for any documents that don’t need to be used as often, and store stationery and anything else that needs to be used on a daily basis on the ones that are easiest to reach.

Shlefstore Desk Unit

Feeling inspired to overhaul your storage options? Shelfstore offers a variety of shelving systems and bookcases in a range of shapes, heights, widths, and depths to fit the available space in your office. If you know what depth you need, their Design Wizard tool will also enable you to build your own custom shelving system, down to the height, width, and number of bays and shelves!

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Hay Fever – Exciting Times At This Year’s Hay Festival

This year the Hay Festival is celebrating its 30th birthday. In this year’s programme, the wide range of topics on offer, which brings together a wonderfully diverse group of readers and writers to share their stories, is sure to whip up excitement to fever pitch amongst those attending – whatever their age!

Hay Festival

Looking through the programme, the Shelfstore team has highlighted a few events of particular interest. You may not realise it, but we are very interested in books – and of course those that read and also write them – as we do after all offer bookcases as part of the Shelfstore system that allows you to design shelving, furniture and storage solutions.

One event, which caught our eye, has Jacqueline Wilson, the award-winning writer of children’s fiction, introducing her new book ‘Wave Me Goodbye’, which is set in the Second World. Quite recently we were delighted when Jacqueline, chose to follow Shelfstore on Twitter, joining a number of other writers who are also fans. Jacqueline, we understand does also like to read as well as write, although how she finds the time in her busy schedule to read a book a week (which apparently is the case) we’ve no idea! She has an extensive library at home, which is said to number some 15,000 books, so must find it difficult at times to choose, which book to read!

Wave Me Goodbye

The comedian, actor, director, musician and writer, Adrian Edmondson, is at one of the other events we noted. He has turned his very creative hand to writing children’s fiction and has just published his first children’s book ‘Tilly and the Time Machine’. On hearing the title, this led to a very animated debate in the Shelfstore office about where we would all like to go back to in time…and why!

Tilly and the Time Machine

Another event, which drew our attention, has Julia Donaldson, the writer, playwright and former Children’s Laureate, performing songs and readings from a number of her popular books ‘The Everywhere Bear’ and ‘The Gruffalo’. Originally Julia wrote songs for children’s television before she turned her hand to writing and years ago spent several weeks busking in Paris. Well Hay-On-Wye is a long way from Paris, but we’re pretty sure this event will be just as memorable!

The Gruffalo

If you’re looking to find the perfect home for your child’s book collection or even your own – take a look at the Shelfstore website. Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving is the perfect solution for storing books and can be easily designed to fit any space, no matter what the shape to suit your book collection needs.

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on shelving and storage solutions using Shelfstore’s system, why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest.

We would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products and so please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

For more information about Shelfstore’s products or for help planning and designing your new storage solution, please visit us at

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Follow The Four ‘F’s To Effectively Organise Your Home Office

If you are one of the millions of people who works from home you may find that organising it to suit your needs can sometimes be a challenge. Some may have a room dedicated to home working, while others may only have a corner of a room to work from. Either way the key is to create an environment that allows you work comfortably and remain motivated. Whether you’re thinking about working from home or whether you already do so, but need to sort out your space, there’s no time like the present, especially as ‘Organise Your Home Office’ day is on 14th March!


Consider what you need to work effectively. Do you just need a computer and a printer and somewhere to file paperwork away? Or do you need extra surface space, for example somewhere, if you are a designer or architect, to lay out designs or plans? Or, if your business has grown, perhaps you need extra storage space? Then consider how you might need to position the various items to create the best work flow.


Once you have an idea of what you need, how you need to lay things out and how much space you have available, you can then work out the furniture you need to accommodate your requirements. A desk and a shelving unit or bookcase might be enough to start with, but if you’re adding to your existing furniture do you have a modular system of shelving or cabinets that allows you to add to it easily? Whatever storage solution you choose make sure you have enough to cope with your initial needs as well as allowing some extra space for the future.



Even in today’s digital age, we still have a need to store business paperwork and other materials. Keeping the amount of paperwork generated under control can be a challenge, so creating a filing system that works for you is key. Try to set aside time on a regular basis to file stuff away so that you can maintain a clutter-free workspace as too much clutter can be a distraction.


Given the amount of time you spend in your home office, it’s only right that you add your own personal style to your environment so that you can feel completely comfortable. Incorporating lighting, books, plants and pictures into your design scheme allows you to create the right ambiance for you to work well and these can be both functional items and favourite items that you enjoy having around you.

Home Office fotolia_134033780

If you are looking for more inspiration and ideas on how you can re-organise your home office why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest. If you are planning to use any Shelfstore products we would love to hear from you and so please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

For more information about Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving, doors, drawers and desks or for help planning and designing your new storage solution, please visit us at

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Shelfstore’s Top 10 Children’s Books

With World Book Day in early March as well as National Storytelling Week and World Storytelling Day, there are quite a few reasons to celebrate storytelling this month – whether you like writing stories, listening to them or just like reading a good book.

Book lovers 30640643420_d77df9536a_b

Stories can be enjoyed by all ages and there is plenty written about the benefits of reading – it broadens our knowledge and our vocabulary, it improves our memory and our concentration, it inspires creativity and imagination, and above all…it’s fun!

With this in mind the Shelfstore Team has come up with a list of its favourite children’s books – take a look and see how many you and your children have read…

The BFG by Roald Dahl

The BFG stands for Big Friendly Giant, who transports a little girl named Sophie to a land of child-eating giants. One of Dahl’s most lovable character creations, it’s full of outrageous humour and plenty of jokes, this story is a much-loved tale that continues to be cherished by readers of all ages.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

The first book in the bestselling Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. Illustrated in diary format, this laugh-out-loud book recording a year in the life of Greg Heffley – an all American kid – was a New York Times bestseller and continues to have huge appeal.

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

Nikki Maxwell is not popular, in fact she’s a total dork! The reader follows Nikki’s life through sketches, doodles and diary entries as she starts her new school, battles with her mum and meets her arch-nemesis. The bestselling Dork Diaries series is written and illustrated by Rachel Renée Russell.

Girl Online by Zoe Sugg

This is the first book from Zoe Sugg, better known as Youtube star Zoella. Dealing with many issues that will be familiar to Zoella’s millions of  fans – including the ups and downs of social media, and the challenges of dealing with anxiety – this is a sweet and warm-hearted teen tale.

Gone by Michael Grant

Gone is the first book in the Gone series and is Lord of the Flies for the 21st century. It is a fast-paced, gripping, all-action novel that delivers a powerfully exciting and engrossing read. Its author, Michael Grant, is one of the World Book Day authors for 2017.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by JK Rowling

After the misery of life with his ghastly aunt and uncle, Harry Potter is delighted to have the chance of an exciting new life at the Hogwart’s School of Wizardry and Witchcraft. This internationally bestselling and award-winning story is the first in the phenomenally successful Harry Potter series.

The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

The Hobbit is the unforgettable story of Bilbo, a peace-loving hobbit, who embarks on a strange and magical adventure. Since its first publication in 1937 this well-loved fantasy – full of magic, humour and adventure – has delighted both children and adults.

The Maze Runner by James Dashner

The Maze Runner is the first in a series of dystopian science fiction novels. Full of fast-paced action and adventure, this smart and well-observed saga of survival has won multiple awards and was a New York Times best seller.

Percy Jackson and the Lightening Thief by Rick Riordan

In this bestselling comic fantasy novel, 12-year-old Percy Jackson having discovered that his true father is Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, learns that his fate is to undertake a dangerous quest to find Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt and avert a War of the Gods.

Skellig by David Almond

Exploring a ramshackle garage with his new-found friend, Mina, Michael discovers a strange, magical creature – part owl, part angel. This captivating novel from critically-acclaimed children’s author David Almond won both the Carnegie Medal and the Whitbread Children’s Book Award.


If you’re looking to find the perfect home for your children’s book collection or even your own – take a look at the Shelfstore website. Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving is the perfect solution for storing books and can be easily designed to fit any space, no matter what the shape to suit your book collection needs.

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Your Get Organised Checklist for 2017!

Well the house is looking bare now that the Christmas decorations have been packed away and you may well be struggling to keep to those New Year Resolutions you made at the start of January, but take heart! All is not lost! Now that the frenzy of Christmas is well and truly past and your energy levels have returned to normal, it’s the best time to focus and look forward to getting organised for the New Year. January is after all Get Organised Month!

Get Organised fotolia_89336401

Update your calendar

Start by noting down in your calendar all birthdays, appointments and holidays and of course don’t forget some ‘me time’ too – whether that’s to exercise, start to learn something new or spend time with family or friends!

Tidy up paperwork

Clear out old paperwork and file away any that is still lying around. Then shred what you no longer need and if the amount of paper is still weighing you down, why not go paperless!

Clear out clutter

Work through each room in your house – especially those that get used by all the family – and clear out the clutter discarding anything that’s not be used regularly. As a rule of thumb if you haven’t used something for at least a year, it’s likely you no longer need it!


Create more storage

Take a look at your shelving, cupboard or drawer units and work out if you need more storage units to be able to tidy things up. Don’t forget to check out your kitchen, bathroom and loft as well as your home office too! There are always ways to make best use of the space you have.

pantry 1

Mini Spring clean

Freshen up your bedrooms too with a mini Spring clean! Flip and vacuum the mattresses, clean the light fittings (replacing any bulbs whilst you’re at it) and the inside of the windows too to give a brighter feel to all the rooms.

Living an organised life can save you time and energy and increase your productivity and should, therefore, make you happier!

If we have inspired you, we would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products. Please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

For more information about Shelfstore’s products or for help planning and designing your new storage solution, please visit us at

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Guest Blog: Being Healthy In Your Home Office Increases Levels Of Productivity

If you are someone who works from home, then improving levels of productivity is just one of the steps which you need to take towards achieving success within your business.

Measures can be taken to improve your health within your working environment, thus improving overall productivity.

How Does Health Impact on Productivity?

An unhealthy worker can form a downfall of productivity because they’re more likely to take time off working, leaving tasks incomplete. If you’re experiencing physical or mental health problems, it can take longer to complete tasks and cause your motivation levels to hit an all time low.

Choosing Office Furniture to Improve Productivity

One of the simplest steps you can take when trying to improve both health and productivity is to choose the right office furniture for your home office. For example, choosing ergonomic office chairs will help you to sit comfortably and in a position that will prevent you from suffering from any pain.

On the other hand, if you’re uncomfortable in your office, then you may get easily distracted from tasks, spending time readjusting your position in attempt to get comfortable. Joint and back problems could be an issue causing you to take time off work and impacting negatively on your productivity.

As well as this, choose furniture which will enable you to keep your working environment clean and tidy. Shelfstore has various shelving and storage solutions which can help keep your home office organised, ultimately improving levels of productivity.


Natural Light

Natural light in the office can have a direct impact on productivity. Wherever possible, position furniture, such as chairs and desks, close to windows as this will help to get the best out of your work efforts. If natural light is limited in your office, try adding blue lights as studies have linked blue light to levels of motivation and productivity.


Rest Breaks

People who do not take regular breaks will begin to tire and then lose concentration and focus, resulting in them taking longer to complete tasks, whereas those who do take regular breaks are more motivated and can retain focus throughout the day.

Healthy Eating

Those who eat healthily usually have steady blood sugar levels, while those who eat unhealthy snacks will have blood sugar levels that rise and fall throughout the day. Having steady blood sugar levels means workers will maintain good energy levels without getting tired.

There are ways you can encourage healthy eating. For example, don’t have unhealthy snacks or drinks dispensers in your home office. Instead, have a water dispenser and consider fresh fruit.

A Pleasant Working Environment

When people are mentally and emotionally well, they are also more productive. One measure you can take to promote good health is to create a pleasant working environment. Choose a light and bright colour scheme for your office and include plants too!

By taking these steps, you will gain better physical, mental and emotional health. In turn, this will improve the productivity of your company and contribute to your overall success.

Adam Robertson is a professional in the office furnishings industry. He works for Allard Office Furniture, an office furniture company which has 18 years of shared experience in office desks, chairs, supplies and accessories.

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How To Keep The Kids Entertained Over Christmas

As the schools break up for Christmas there will be plenty of children of all ages excited and bouncing for joy…but for their busy parents it can be quite a challenge to come up with new and entertaining activities over the festive break, especially after the frenzy of Christmas Day, so the team at Shelfstore has put together some fun ideas we think will keep them amused.

Bake some festive treats

Why not get the children to help bake some homemade treats over the festive season? It’s a great way to get messy and have fun – and children of all ages can get involved! You could choose to make mince pies or gingerbread cookies and let them get creative using shaped cookie cutters and decorating with icing – and for the more adventurous, how about making a gingerbread house!


Go for a walk or bike ride

Going out for a walk is a great way to for children to let off steam. You could even go on a bike ride instead if it’s not too frosty out. A trip to the local park even when it’s blustery can leave everyone feeling refreshed especially if you’ve been indoors for a few days. And of course if you are lucky and it snows, then building snow men, having snowball fights and playing on sledges are all fun things to do.

Get creative

 With all the boxes, cardboard and wrapping paper discarded after Christmas, you have an abundant supply of materials to use – so get creative and either come up with your own ideas of things the children could make or look online for inspiration. And while you’re putting these materials to good use, so they don’t clutter up your home, why not think about what extra storage you might need for all those new toys.


Visit local events

Of course there will be a pantomime on somewhere close to where you live, which is always great entertainment not just for children but for all the family. But if you are looking for something less expensive to do, with a bit of research you will be able to find all sorts of events taking place locally over the Christmas holidays that you can visit for free or for a very small fee. For example in Maidenhead, where Shelfstore is based, the annual art competition – this year inspired by The Elves and the Shoemaker Christmas Show – is on at Norden Farm’s Gallery and entry is free.

If you are looking for inspiration and ideas on shelving and storage solutions using Shelfstore’s flexible and multipurpose system of shelving, doors, drawers and desks, why not take a look at our blog – you’ll find plenty of topics of interest.

We would love to hear from you if you are planning to use any Shelfstore products and so please tweet us @Shelfstore and we would be happy to offer any practical advice you may need.

For more information about Shelfstore’s products or for help planning and designing your new storage solution, please visit us at

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Online. Shopping At Your Convenience

Last year the number of Brits who participated in online shopping reached 43,000,000. That’s a huge number and it’s only going to continue to increase. There are so many advantages to e-commerce (transactions made via the internet) it’s no wonder the trend has grown and grown since Michael Aldrich invented the concept back in 1979.

Why brave the high street on a busy, rainy Saturday afternoon, when you can open up your laptop from the comfort of your sofa? Online shopping can be done anytime, anywhere and that’s why we love it. There are thousands of products at our fingertips, which we can browse at our leisure and where the shops are never closed.


And that’s not all! There’s none of the hassle involved in getting your shopping back home either. Many retailers, including Shelfstore offer a free delivery service¹ – our multipurpose system of shelving and storage can be delivered straight to your door the very next day²! It’s so simple and convenient.


There are those that still like to see and touch a product before they buy, so we offer a free sample service too. You can view the solid natural wood sample in your own home before you decide to buy so there’s no running back to the shop and queuing to return it.

What’s more using our free online tool, you can easily design any storage solution you require to make the most of your available space – whether it’s bedroom shelving, office shelving, a TV cabinet for the lounge, cupboards for the children’s rooms or bookcases for the library. Why not take a look at our blog for inspiration and ideas!


So with online shopping set to rise over 7% again in 2017, we’ve tried to make your shopping experience with Shelfstore as simple and as easy as possible – you’re just a few steps away from creating your own piece of bespoke furniture offering the perfect solution to many storage problems.

For more information about Shelfstore’s products or for help planning and designing your new storage solution, please visit us at

¹ Delivery is free to UK Mainland for orders over £100 (excl. VAT).

² Orders received before 3pm Monday to Friday will be despatched for next working day delivery, Monday to Friday excluding public holidays.

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Guest Blog: Looking For A Strong And Supportive Partner This Christmas?

Shelfstore’s range of storage systems is really impressive – covering stylish and practical options for the home, garage, office and workplace. Part of their appeal, and key to Shelfstore’s success, is the sheer weight these shelves will take. Thanks to an innovative design that distributes weight more effectively, a 60x30cm shelf will happily hold up to 100kg.

So, considering it’s Christmas, what creative ways can you put these mighty miracle-shelves to the test?

What festive goodies weigh 100kg?

20 turkeys – there might not be room for 20 prepared turkeys on your shelf (or 20 live ones, for that matter), but if there was, a Shelfstore shelf would take the strain, no problem.

100 large Christmas puddings – assuming you like to bulk-buy and stock up for decades of Christmases…

One Santa – the average male weight is about 85kg, but we all know Santa is a portly chap…


500 pairs of slippers – you could have a Christmas slipper amnesty for everyone in your postcode, and do a boot sale in the New Year!

150 empty bottles – stack them on your Shelfstore shelf and release them into the recycling slowly – so you don’t look like an alcoholic.

All your lights, baubles, tinsel and cards – assuming you have the biggest tree in the neighbourhood, and you’re very, very popular.


A year’s supply of batteries – for all those toys, remotes, torches, and so on. But you’ll still run out by Boxing Day, right?

Grandma when she’s ‘tired’ – or when she’s had a year’s worth of sherry in one afternoon.

All your family’s presents – and if there’s more than 100kg’s worth, there are always more Shelfstore shelves.


Clearly, there are many creative ways to put Shelfstore shelves to the test. What will you do with yours?

Talking of creativity… at Liven Creative we really enjoyed helping Shelfstore to promote their excellent products and reach a wider audience. They’re great to work with, and we highly recommend their amazing weight-bearing shelves.

Liven Creative is an integrated creative agency based in Surrey, providing branding, printed communications and digital experiences for clients throughout the UK. Find out more at

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